In search of a thousand words. Photo #5

I’m exploring the world around me for a photo worth a thousand words… to help aid me with my word count. My adventuring and over-active imagination has led me to snapping and sharing the following image for this week.


About the photo:

Out at the Clark County Museum in Henderson, NV I entered an 1890-1900 replica of a local Print Shop.  Inside, I found this early 1900’s Book Binding Press. I can imagine the men who might have stood over such a built-to-last piece of equipment.  The press still exists long after those men have passed, and I wonder if it’s a possibility that in the future, this press will still exist in this museum- in an era where all new books are digital? Being a little old-fashioned, I hope in my lifetime I’ll always know the feeling of holding a brand-new hardback book in my hands.